Monday, October 17, 2011

Auction School Day 3: More Learnin´ and Bid Callin´

Today, we´ve been learning about a few of the different kind of auctions...along with more laws, laws, and MORE LAWS!

I´m really learning a lot and not JUST from the teacher. I´m learning from each and every one of the other students too. I mean...I am just eatin´ this stuff up. Each person in that class knows somethin´ that I don´t know. All I´ve gotta do is listen to´m. I KNOW I can get a whole lot better than what I am.

This is really going to be a kinda short blog, but I do want to share this video I took today. This fella has been sittin´ in the front row takin´ videos of everybody else, so I decided to take his too. I  like the rhythm he has. He used to auction, then got out of it for a little while, and is now gettin´ back into it. He used to be an Antiques guy. I tried to get more pictures, but Bubba wouldn´t let me take a picture of him - workin´ on his breathing. In fact he told me he was gonna get after me, if I ddin´t put it down :).

Well...I´m off to get me a CHICKEN FRIED STEAK with Samantha and Mr. Moon. It´s at some little hole in the wall a little oustide of town. You guys...stay with me. I know this blog is pretty short, but I promise I´ll make´m more interesting! My head hurts from thinkin´ so much!! I know what you´re SCREAMIN´ at me...BUCK UP BABY! You gotta entertain us. Well let me tell you....I´m sure I´ll have PLENTY of quotes to entertain you with - after havin´ dinner with Mr. Moon :). I tell you what would be to meet Mr. Moon´s wife. Somebody asked him today if his wife keeps him in line. He said: "His wife gets on´m like a hair on a gorilla." She´s gotta be pretty sharp to keep up those similes he throws out all the time.

Until tomorrow....

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